Create the mixed world something like that.世界をなめらか風味に。


Create the mixed world something like that.

In order to make the fixed future from when you are born better one, Worldbricheer Inc. will be the co-creator who can make the second or third life of people all over the world more rich by the power of the technology.



  • 代表取締役 ⽥村直⼰
    代表取締役 ⽥村直⼰

    Executive DirectorNaoki Tamura

    It is so cool that I live with passion for something.
    I really realized that it is the most important for me and established World Bricheer to create new third life.

    We will be useful for people living positively and passionately.
    Moreover, we are going to provide the a lot of service to create the mixed world something like at the risk of my life.

  • 取締役 栗林正樹
    取締役 栗林正樹

    Executive OfficerMasaki Kuribayashi

    First of all, We want to match between foreign people who live in Japan and the companies doing their best in Japan very smoothly and more and more with our individuality.
    “Alright! Let’s star from Goooma”
    It is the moment that our first service was born. I never forget that I was so excited at that night.

    My friend and working companion through friendly rivalry is my treasure. Let’s go to the world with thinking which was made by everybody around me.

    I don’t care about mess, we can try to overcome it!


We think if so many things in the states of being irrational is going to be changed more right, it is so comfortable for a lot of people to live in the world energetically.
We are looking for members who can understand the meaning of the mixed world something like that.