Company name Worldbricheer Inc.
  • Naoki Tamura
  • Masaki Kuribayashi
Address 2-34-14-202 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051Google MAP
Phone 03-6874-4015
Established May 7,2019
Capital 20 million yen
Permission number Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare permission
charged employment placement services:13 - ユ - 311420
Permitted date:Nov 1,2019
  • 1.Worker dispatch business and human resource introduction business
  • 2.Management of classrooms and events related to the promotion of human resource development
  • 3.Educational business for developing human resources and vocational skills in Japan and foreign countries
  • 4.Planning, production and management of multimedia contents
  • 5.Consulting business for above all
  • 6.All business related to the preceding items
  • 7.Real estate brokerage business